02 May 2011

DT Analysis: Bin Laden - Why now?

Here's a question for y'all to noodle over: why did Obama authorize the killing of Bin Laden now? I'd love to think that the US just learned of his whereabouts and the next minute authorized the destruction of the scum, but I'm afraid we've known for some time. Bin Laden was living in a freakin' villa in the middle of a large town, near military and government complexes. there was no way the Pakistani government didn't know. And ergo, the CIA must've known. So if we've been sitting on this info, why now? And it's not like we're shy of going in to Pakistan... we've been launching strikes and missiles openly for many months now.

A cynical part of me wants to say Obama wants to use the killing for political purposes ("Look at me! I'm a National Security Hawk!"), but this wouldn't be a good time to do it, politically. He should wait until closer to the election or when the polls say that he needs to be seen as a hawk. (Don't worry, though, Obama's gonna milk this for all it's worth, it's just that that politics did not instigate action.)

Obama is revamping his security leaders. I think that the new guys coming in have been charged with finishing Afghanistan before the 2012 election. They respond, "Fine, we can do it, but we need Pakistan's help. There's no way to win in Afghanistan if Pakistan doesn't close their huge border and allow the Taliban to play peekaboo with our military."

So Obama asked Pakistan, "Pretty please?", and Pakistan said, "F-U, Barak Hussein, we've got nukes." And Obama said, "Oh, yeah."

So a smart advisor (or Karl Rove) said to Obama, "Why don't we force Pakistan to help us? We can tell the world that they're protecting Bin Laden!".

Obama: "They'll never believe us. They'll deny it."

Rove: "Then we'll have to go in with some awesome Navy SEALs and kill the bastard and show him to the world. We'll then have an awesome card to play with Pakistan and they'll play ball."

Obama: "Navy SEALs? Like Charlie Sheen's movie?"

Rove: "Yup, the same guys. But tougher."

Obama: "Ok, do it, but please wait until I'm done with my 66th round of golf..."

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KurtP said...

I don't know if you've heard by now...a whole day after you wrote it that I'm commenting..Wikileaks had that info in their last batch of dove-chit.
They had to act before Osama knew and split for places unknown, and 0bama would be known as a Lib who let Osama escape.

Drang said...

By one report, "we" have known since LAST AUGUST about this compound, and who was there.
So, I figure, he moved now--shortly after he officially declared his candidacy for '12 (as if anyone doubted it) and shortly before the first GOP debate, so as to a)be able to claim "Obama got Osama" and to avoid any word leaking out about "Obama let Osama go."
The 16 hour nap before making the final decision didn't help. Nor the fact that his minions can;'t get their story straight. or that the intel the led us to Obama was gotten by waterboarding, in secret CIA prisons, both of which were eeee-vil until Sunday night.
Anyway, I doubt this will help The Hindmost get re-elected.


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