26 May 2011

Wet T-Shirt Contest!

Well, that's a slightly misleading post title, even though there were wet t-shirts present. Yesterday there was a joint exercise practicing emergency responses to a direct WMD missile hit on Tel Aviv. Isn't that nice?

Home Front Command ABC Drill in Tel-Aviv

May 25, 2011.

Soldiers operate during a Home Front Command drill which simulated a scenario in which ABC missiles were fired on the city of Tel-Aviv. The drill started at 10:30 AM and took place in two areas: Eicilov Hospital and a country-club which acted as a testing and purification center.

The drill is a result of the collaboration between the Home Front Command, the Israeli Health Department, the MDA, the Israeli Police and local firefighting forces.

The Medical Commander of the Home Front Command, Col. Dr. Ariel Bar, said: "The Home Front Command unit designated to operate in coordination with hospitals did so today with Eicilov Hospital in order to practice emergency situations." He added that the drill was executed in a very professional manner, and the Home Front Command is prepared for any kind of scenario.

The drill was planned by the Home Front Command Medical Branch and the Israeli Ministry of Health, as part of the training regime planned for 2011.

The Home Front Command as well as the Israeli Ministry of Health will carry on enhancing the capabilities of the local authorities and hospitals in similar scenarios.

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