08 May 2011

Syria - What's next? A DT Analysis:

Syria: how will this thing end? Can Assad crack down enough to suppress the revolution? Or will he go the way of the Dodo bird and bail to Paris to be with the rest of his (and Arafat's) family?

I'll tell you - he's staying. He's a crazy and ruthless dorkator who (it's rumored) has already waxed over 800 people, has arrested an entire city (all males over 15 years old), and rolled tanks through the streets. But Bashar learned from one of the best, Pappy Assad, who killed over 10,000 people in the 1980's, in order to suppress revolutionary stirrings.

It is the official opinion of this doubletapping blog, that Assad will be successful in squashing those poor blokes, he will secure his military from defection, and there will be no international community intervention save for a strongly worded retraction of a previously-sent Memorial Day picnic invitation. For God's sake, the US still has their new ambassador sitting in Damascus! C'mon!

So, what will the future be in Syria? Will anything change? Can Israel utilize this opportunity to increase her homeland security?

The US is supremely overextended, especially after pursuing the ill-fated intervention in Libya. So any action (covert or overt) will necessarily come from Israel. Those pansy blue-beret UN criminals do absolutely nothing, and have helped Hezbollah become even stronger in south Lebanon - even while in direct violation of UN resolutions.

Syria has chemical weapons. They have Scud missiles. They have nuclear aspirations. They actively help terrorist organizations. Nothing will change. Nothing. Israel will be forced to fight Hezbollah (aided by Syria and Iran) while Hezbollah hides behind civilian targets. Hamas is frantically building civilian shields using international donations from where to shoot missiles. Israel will not go into Syria (though they need to) because Israel does not have enough boots on ground to successfully occupy a foreign nation. Conquer Syria, maybe. Occupy her, no. So Israel will be forced to fight only Syria's (and Iran's) proxy army - Hezbollah in Lebanon.

So, get ready for a war in which the international community 'tsk-tsks' the unfortunate position Israel is in, but also does not raise a finger in her defense. The only country with a bias for action is Israel. And act she will, for wont of choice.

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