13 August 2012

FAB Defense M4 Survival Buttstock with Builtin Magazine Carrier

The FAB Defense GL-MAG Butsttock is fits standard M4, CAR15, tubes and is available in OD, Tan, and Black.

GL-MAG– M4 ‘Survival’ Buttstock w/ ‘Built –in’ Mag Carrier w/Built-in 10 round Mag

It's a sleek design with no protruding parts.  Unlike the copetition, there's no awkward mag pouch dangling on your buttstock, so it will not get caught on gear or webbing.

  • Keeps all of the Characteristics of the M4 Buttstock, While Incorporating a State of the Art Magazine Carrier.
  • Receives all Standard Sized M4 Magazines.
  • Positioned Close by for Convenient Mag Change , Providing you with that Tactical Edge You Need.
  • Unique Inversed Positioning Lever Incorporates a Quick Release Button Allowing Swift Clip Release.
  • Does Not Interfere or Change ’ Buttstock to Shoulder’ Positioning.
  • Integrated Ambidextrous QD Quick Detach Swivel Rear Sling Connectors.
  • Fits Perfectly on Both Mil-Spec and Aftermarket Commercial Tubes.
  • Made from Mil-Spec Reinforced Polymer Composite.
  • (Includes 10 round magazine)
Made in Israel by FAB Defense!

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Jewlicious said...

Seems like a very clever idea indeed. But isn't it a bit much? Surely there are easier ways to carry around extra clips, no? What I would have liked to see was a comparison between the time it takes to replace a magazine from this cool buttstock and the time it takes to replace a conventionally positioned spare magazine. But still, it's a very creative idea, no doubt about it.

Joe in Australia said...

Which magazines do they like bringing with them? Do they get a special deal on them? And really, how much time for reading do they have anyway?

Ammo said...

Dashing picture of soldier, and really like gadget of


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