15 October 2009

3rd International Army & Police Exhibition report

I attended the
3rd International Army & Police Exhibition
in Tel Aviv, Israel

There was a great demonstration on climbing and rappelling gear.

I especially like the Silent Operation Winch

The crowd watches

With IDF Women looking on

I decided to try it out myself

I'm briefed by the RepUp

And Away!

The Silent Operation Winch
is operated like a motorcycle throttle,
with a variable speed ascent and descent.
It can lift over 400 lbs for over 400 meters on a single charge
and can even be run via wireless remote control.

It allows tactical operators to safely ascend or descend 1 handed, leaving the other hand free to shoot with.

I saw lots of other exhibits that I will post here later.

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

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Ben said...

I like your Blog, I'm reading it for the past couple of months. I love everything about Israel. Mossad, sayerat Matkal, your weapons, Technology, the way you do business. Every thing. I'm Started learning Hebrew now.Hope to come to israel one day. Take care.


Ben from chennai, India

KurtP said...

I'm sure there's a need, but it kinda looks awful bulky and heavy.

Maybe the next version will be more... tactical friendly?


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