29 March 2010

IDF Chariot Merkava Tanks

The Merkava tank was completely developed in Israel and is considered one of the best tanks in the world. The layout of the Merkava (Chariot) is unconventional, with the turret and crew compartments to the rear of the vehicle and the engine up front. This was done to improve crew survival in the case of an armor-penetrating hit on front quarter.

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

Gazza 2009
Merkava 1
Merkava 2
Merkava 3

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Drang said...

Couple of those look ore like M109 SP Howitzers than Mrkvas...?

Bill said...

Yowza! The first video on the Merkava 4 was terrific! With action footage like that, I can put away the Viagra! It was all I could do to not go to the garage and dig out my old stinky coveralls and black beret.

Fort Garry Horse, Canada

Anonymous said...

tank 'nd grrirls?
more tank and more grrirls!
primo capo

AngelusSilesius said...

Always with Israel ! Greetings !

The Revolution is Coming said...

After all my time on Bradley's I'd love be take a Merkava into Iraq, or Iran. I'd just swap that 120mm for a 25mm dual feed. Much more practical when there aren't many actual tanks to kill.

rta said...

you're writing an amazing blog. thx for the nice pics. go on.

Tam said...

What D.W. Drang said.

Your first and third still photos are M109 SP Howitzers, or whatever Zahal calls their variant.

DoubleTapper said...

Tam you are the only one so far who managed to see past the IDF Tanker Women and identify the Tank!


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