15 November 2012

Day 2 of the Gaza War 15-Nov-2012

Day 2 of the Gaza War 15-Nov-2012 Excerpts

1:02 AM Israeli Channel 2 TV reports -- Minister of Internal Security Aharonovitch says that Israel is prepared for the possibility of terror infiltrations from Yehuda vShmron/West Bank

12:57 AM YNET reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu has spoken to US President Obama and updated him on the IDF operation in Gaza, and thanked him for the USA support for Israel to defend itself. (source)

12:54 AM No way to confirm attacks / attempted attacks on Israeli positions in the Golan. Lets assume for the time being that the report is incorrect. (12:43 AM report)

12:53 AM Israeli Cabinet Approves Open-ended Combat Reservists Draft

12:46 AM Gazan town of Beit Lahiya under attack by IAF warplanes and IDF artillery.

12:43 AM Totally unconfirmed reports from the Arab meda: REPORTS: Syria have attacked Israeli bases in Golan in retaliation to the aggression on Gaza. Unconfirmed. Investigating...

12:40 AM Israeli Military Reporter Alon Ben-David: "Finally Israel has conducted a pointed and decisive attack. Hamas is currently still in shock. When they regain their composure, there will be some difficult days for us. Take care of yourselves, I'm on my way [to the battlefield]"

12:35 AM Palestinian Authority begs the UN to force Israel to stop the"agression" against the Palestinian people. Note: Maybe the Palestinians should have thought of that before firing rockets at us...

12:15 AM Rocket Warning Sirens in Beer Sheva.

Continued from Day 1 of the Gaza War 14-Nov-2012

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