18 November 2012

Day 5 of the Gaza War 18-Nov-2012

Day 5 of the Gaza War 17-Nov-2012

Hear every single air raid during the war -- at IDF Public Radio, Gal-Galatz 91.8 FM in Israel or here on the web: http://rr-d.nsacdn.com/radio/glz/glglzradio/300/200
plays current Israeli music, and every single rocket launch and location is announced LIVE.

9:25 AM Chief Rabbi Amar calls for public prayer session at the Kotel at 3:30PM on Sunday.

9:06 AM Rockets shot at Gaza. 3 Sirens in the past hour. One hit a car. Another hit a house. One lightly wounded. A few treated for shock.

8:16 AM 2 Air Raid Sirens over Ashkelon...along with what sounded like 2 Iron Dome explosions taking out the rockets.

8:13 AM Air Raid Siren in Beer Sheva

8:11 AM A few minutes ago, IDF warplanes hit the "Philadelphia Corridor" in South Gaza, destroying 6 underground smuggling tunnels. (From Egypt to Gaza)

8:10 AM There was an Air Raid siren in the South Ashkelon area at 7:45 AM.

8:08 AM Hizbolla Leader, Hassan Naasrallah: Egypt hasn't done enough to help Gaza.

8:05 AM IDF spent all night pounding away at terrorist targets.

Gazan Despair: Gazans are crying on the social networks -- "We are under attack by the Zionists...why isn't the Hamas retaliating and firing back?!"

1:08 AM Video of "A Night in Beer Sheva"

1:02 AM IDF Radio reports that for the past hour, the IDF has been pounding away at terror targets in Gaza.  The past few hours have been quieter than usual...and only a few rockets fired at Israel.

12:52 AM This evening, IDF Homefront command installed additional sirens in Herziliya

12:39 AM Shooting attack at IDF forces from Syria in the Golan Heights near Tel-Chazeka. No injuries to IDF forces, which returned fire.

12:30 AM Photos of terrorist targets hit by IDF in Gaza

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