17 November 2012

Day 4 of the Gaza War 17-Nov-2012

Hamas Rocket Threat Ranges Map

Shabbat Recap:

5:51 PM Gush Etzion hit on Friday night with 2 rockets.
 Rocket hit Ashdod hit. 10 injured.

IDF authorized call-up of 75,000 soldiers.

16:32PM: Rocket siren is heard in Tel Aviv. The rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome battery deployed at the area the same day.

14:53PM: 4 Rockets fired from Gaza struck Ashdod: 1 on a house, 1 on a car, 1 near a kindergarten & 1 in an open area.

10:49AM: 5th Iron Dome battery now deployed. It’s in greater Tel Aviv area. Since Nov 14, Iron Dome interceptors hit 90% of their targets in sky.

10:35 AM: Three IDF soldiers were lightly wounded in a rocket attack in southern Israel.

5:55 AM: Overnight, the IDF has targeted 185 more terror sites.

4:30 AM: With the Fajr-5 rocket, Hamas’ rockets now threaten over 3.5 million citizens in Israel, including Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

LIVE Hear every single air raid during the war -- at IDF Public Radio, Gal-Galatz 91.8 FM in Israel or here on the web:  http://rr-d.nsacdn.com/radio/glz/glglzradio/300/200
plays current Israeli music, and every single rocket launch and location is announced.

For IDF Servicemen and IDF Women:  May HaShem bless and protect you, as you fight to secure our country from the terror of Gaza.

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