26 November 2012

Special Forces combat proven instinctive shooting grip

FAB Defense just released this Ergonomic Pointing Grip and companion Versatile Tactical Support.  I had the opportunity to take it to the range and try it out.

The PTK - Ergonomic Pointing Grip is far superior to competitors products (Angle Fore Grip, etc.) in it's design.  It even comes with a handy storage compartment.

The PTK conceptualizes within its design a unique Special Forces combat proven instinctive shooting method incorporating natural pointing positioning which enhances accuracy and tactical performance.

The VTS - Versatile Tactical Support is a great companion but can be utilized in many other ways.  I tried it as an index (trigger) finger support for my weak hand and was really impressed at how much more natural it felt.
The new VTS provides versatile solutions for various forward grip positioning enhancing comfort and increasing accuracy. This ergonomic support may be set to accommodate a wide variety of tactical locations for ideal operational superiority taking in mind ideal compact configuration.

It's a very different grip then the tactical grips I've used in the past.  Watch this video and see how it works in action.

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1 comment:

Yishai said...

poor fruit. Where is their representation? UNRWA?

Interesting take on the foregrip.

But, how many extra mags can it hold?


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