16 November 2012

Day 3 of the Gaza War 16-Nov-2012

Day 3 of the Gaza War 16-Nov-2012 Excerpts

9:14 PM Channel 10 TV reporting of a direct hit of a rocket in the Eshkol Region.

9:12 AM Air Raid Sirens in Asheklon and Eshkol Regions.

9:02 AM Reports that Israel has agreed to a temporary cease fire while Egypt's President Morsi visits Gaza this morning. (Channel 10 TV)

8:59 AM Air Raid Sirens in the Eshkol Region

8:54 AM Pipe Bomb found on Jerusalem's light rail. Sappers dealing with it (Channel 10 TV)

7:35 AM NYC closed the area around the Israeli Consulate in light of the protests and for security reasons. Security has also been increased around other Israeli sites in the city.
The Federation announced they are donating 5 million dollars to Israelis in the South.
A Suspicious Object was found near the Jerusalem light rail at the Herzl train stop.
IDF was busy pounding terror targets overnight.

6:55 AM Missile hits house in Ashdod. No injuries.

2:00 AM Reports are coming in of a number of massive IDF attacks across Gaza.
Among the major attacks is that the IDF has destroyed over 70 medium range missile launchers in the past hour.
Another is a strike on a major Hamas security building in the Sheikh Reduan neighborhood of Gaza City, as well as the destruction of at least 2 large weapons storage facilities.
These are in addition to other attacks throughout Gaza.

12:54 AM IAF Helicopters shooting at a Palestinian rocket launching terror cell in Beit Hanun (ostensibly, the same cell that launched rockets towards the Ashkelon region a few minutes ago)

12:53 AM As noted by a commenter below, many Palestinian Web Sites are claiming the IDF ground offensive has started, yet Hamas is chiding them for spreading lies and propaganda. I am not aware that the ground offensive has commenced....(but it shouldn't be long before it does)

12:48 AM Air Raid Siren in Ashkelon Region.

12:44 AM Amazing photo roundup of IDF Operation in Gaza....(source)

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