21 January 2008

Cops and Guns

Everyone's used to images of cops with shotguns. Hattip to Steve for posting this picture.

I found this on online.

That's a lot of firepower for a traffic cop!

As long as we're on the subject of guns and motorcycles, does anyone have any recommendations as to how to carry my full sized M16A1 while riding my Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere?

It's kind of annoying when the flash suppressor drags on the ground!


Anonymous said...

Can't you just strap it to your back? Take a gun bag add straps, and then strap it onto your torso.

Or do you want to secure it?

Unknown said...

We don't have policemen anymore - we have a standing army.

Only ways I can think of hauling a full-size M-16 on a bike...



DoubleTapper said...

I need to be able to get to it quickly, but can't take the chance of it being removed.

I currently carry using a sling. Slung reversed, barrel down, on my left hip. It's an Israeli Anti-Terror carry developed so you can immediately "cross draw" the M16 and if you need to go to a pistol, just "drop" the rifle into the reverse slung position and draw the pistol...

It's not horrible when sitting astride the bike, but maybe someone has a better way to go.


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