13 January 2008

If Everone Had A Gun, All Things Would Be Equal

Taking guns away from law abiding citizens has never reduced crime.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you agree or not.


Unknown said...

A few thoughts...

First, if that Glock misfired somebody better find out why. That part of the story doesn't make sense. Perhaps she didn't have a round in the chamber at all? It's possible she had a bad round in the chamber, but that's a pretty rare event these days. If I were her supervisor the first thing I would do is demand to see the round with a dimple in the primer. No dimple? Then I'd take the gun to the range and see if it functions properly. If it does then I'd have her head on a platter for going out with her firearm in condition three.

Second, if there was a misfire then the gun is no longer "cocked". The Glock has no second-strike capability. If it fails to go off then you have to rack the slide to eject the bad round and re-cock the striker. In other words, that guy was standing there pointing a piece of plastic at the bad guy and not a loaded and cocked gun like the announcer says. Either there was no round in the chamber or the gun was not cocked. Either way, his actions from that point forward were purely psychological. Which is probably a good thing because he clearly was not experienced with firearms. He had his left finger riding along the slide and it looks like his left thumb on the back of the slide. It also appears he was covering both the cop and the other woman with the muzzle while the bad guy was being cuffed.

Third, that cop is severely undertrained. Her method of trying to handcuff him was just inviting trouble. She was acting like he was just going to passively go to jail even though he had pulled his right foot back and was no longer leaning on the car. In addition, she clearly has no hand-to-hand combat training of any value. What's she doing grabbing the front of his t-shirt? Finally, she was clearly not trained properly in handgun retention. She should have pivoted away from his reach instead of backing up. That guy was stoned off his butt and could barely stand and she couldn't properly subdue him.

Fourth, the bad guy looks like he probably suffocated when that woman sat on him!

Okay, now for your question. You're absolutely right. A criminal has a lot of different ways he can get a gun. Including from an inexperienced and poorly trained police officer.

In addition, every responsible citizen should be taught the proper use of firearms. Every responsible citizen. They exist. They will be encountered. They will need to be handled properly. Denying that reality is asking for trouble.

Fortunately, this guy was so wasted he was easily subdued by an undertrained officer, a man with a useless gun, and a massive amount of flesh sitting on his head.

One last observation - did you notice the guy in the background coming around the corner? He was completely in condition white. His mind never registered that there was a struggle going on with a cop. He was completely oblivious to his surroundings. His life was in danger and it never registered.

si vis pacem, para bellum

Dustin said...

I agree 100%. Less guns always equals more crime, more guns in the hands of citizens equals less crime.


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