12 January 2008

Frigday Night Dinner at the DoubleTapper's Sabbath Table

Friday evening in synagogue I ran into a few of my neighbors kids home on weekend furlough. Being as their parents get first crack at them for dinner (they don't get to see their boys for weeks at a time), I invited them to pop in at the DoubleTapper's Sabbath table for some delicious dessert and conversation.

We ate, swapped stories and they filled me in on the latest insider info. I won't go into detail, as most of what they do is classified, but suffice to say that dessert with IDF's commandos is always a good way to spend a quiet Sabbath evening. They told me of the latest Hand-2-hand combat training, shoot houses, weapons practice, and more.

I'm posting a loosely related video here for you to get an idea of who grows up in a typical suburban Israeli neighborhood.

I will say that when you screw up in the IDF they're still as creative as they were in my day at punishments. I got to retell my experience of digging a cubic meter grave for the piece of paper with my infraction written on it. The "Infraction Funeral" took place at first light, after a grueling night of sprints, crawling through the desert, and digging with a tiny field shovel.

Ah memories...

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