27 January 2008

One of the servicemen I know...

He wears a paratroopers uniform with brown Jump boots, polished to a mirror like shine. A Maroon beret, and Jump wings on his tunic. But he's not a paratrooper, and more often then not, he's not even in uniform. He's in a special unit like this one. And it only cost me a couple of Mrs. DoubleTapper's incredible Peanut butter swirl chocolate chip fudge brownies to get the inside information...

The IDF has special units tasked with going into some of the hottest beds of terrorism, to remove (or pick up for questioning) some of the baddest terrorists.

After having desert with this courageous warrior and hearing some of his experiences I had to post this video.

Turn the volume down, the narration is in Hebrew and doesn't really add anything to the video.
You can see some of the specialized training and short footage of actual missions.

In this second video you can see the specialized undercover work in action.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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