10 January 2008

Traditional Jewish Wedding (with guns)

I just got back from one of my neighbor's kids wedding. It's always a crap-shoot accepting wedding invitations. You never know who they're going to seat you with, what they'll serve for the meal, or if you'll be in the mood for festivities after RSVPing months in advance.

At a Jewish wedding the music traditional, the dancing is separate (men and women dance on separate dance floors) and they are usually fairly predictable. The Wedding hall was a 45 minute drive away. The live band was Ok, the food was decent, but what made the evening was as follows...

After the marriage ceremony, as we were getting ready to take our seats for the meal, up walks Alex Metz, back from the filming of the Israeli version of the reality show Survivor. Alex, a former elite commando in the IDF, is 47 years old, 6'2", in incredible shape and is a full time personal trainer and survivalist.

He shook my hand with his powerful grip and said, "I'm glad that you're here. I feel much safer now". I told him, "If I'd have know you were coming, I might not have carried all 85 rounds of ammo for my Glock this evening." We both laughed and started talking workouts, guns and politics. Mrs. DoubleTapper rolled her eyes. She had left her Glock 26 at home for the evening, as her Fobus holster didn't match her evening ware, and may have felt a little left out of the conversation.

Just then a neighbors son walked up and said that if wasn't going to be doing any more dancing, would I mind holding his weapon while he took a turn on the dance floor. He handed me his full auto M4 Flattop, with M203 grenade launcher, Trijicon Parallax A.C.O.G. scope, Surefire flashlight, and a really cool sight made by IWI just for the M203. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera, so I found this picture on line.

Mrs. DoubleTapper was not amused when the rest of our local counter terror team showed up and began checking out the M4. Later, when the M4's owner came to reclaim his weapon I asked him about the new scope and found out that it had just been issued today. Missing from the M4 were iron sights, a laser sight, and a bunch of other stuff that comes standard issue with the new Tavor.

There are hoards of accessories available for the M4/M16. Let me know what you've tried and what works for you.

All in all it turned out to be a relatively fun evening and definitely worth blogging about.

L'Chaim and Mazal Tov to the bride and groom.

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