14 January 2008

Weapons Silencers

I've always been fascinated by silencers. Steve did a writeup here.

At a funeral I attended during the 2006 Lebanon War I noticed there were lots of servicemen who came to pay their last respects -- except at this funeral, many of them were wounded and bandaged. One in particular caught my eye -- he was wounded in his neck and arm, and I could tell from his Uzi (and silencer) that he was from one of those "elite" units you read about that did a lot of the house to house fighting in Lebanon.

Here is a closeup of the silenced Uzi (from the net)

And no blogposting would be complete without a video of the tools in action. I've included an IDF training video. The UZI is shown briefly during an anti-terror exercise.

In the IDF reserves, as members of our community's Anti-Terror Rapid Reaction Force, we train at the same facility shown in the video.

For those of you that have not had the pleasure, the silenced Uzi is really quiet and once you get used to the open bolt, a treat to shoot. In this video you can hear the other weapons alongside the Uzi.

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Anonymous said...

Can civilians own silencers in Israel?


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