10 February 2008

The 2008 Shot Show

I really wanted to go to the Shot Show this year.

I made the flight reservations. I reserved the room. I prepared the Kosher meals. But in the end, I had to cancel.

I've seen lots of pictures online but nothing comes close to the hundreds of pictures taken by SMGLee.

If you're like me and wanted to attend, but didn't get the chance to, you should check out SMGLee's Shot Show Album

There were a few other attendees that took some amazing pictures and posted them online.
Ken Lunde, AR15 Forums, ...



Mr. Completely said...

What are you doing in early October? How about coming to Reno Nevada for the Gun Blogger Rendezvous? I realize it's a spendy trip, but maybe you can con a shooting sports magazine of something to help sponsor the trip? It's a great weekend!

.....Mr. C.

Mr Free Market said...

Nice slide show, ‘cept the SA80 pics & I don’t care if it’s the A2 version. I am still delighted that my tawdry military career was coming to an end just as we had to hand back our beloved SLRs (FN-FAL)


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