11 February 2008

I started it!

I thought it was about freedom and the second amendment…

I made a statement. It wasn’t very diplomatic of me, but this is the internet…

Next thing you know they’re saying that I’ve “only a very hazy and ill formed impression of the conditions that exist over here in the United States.”

I don't know about the other 50 states, but growing up in Vermont and living in Israel does get you used to seeing guns.

All carried openly.

Here in Israel we are issued straight Carry Permits, one per person, for a single handgun.

For Israelis choosing a handgun, holster and accessories is a matter of cost, training, effectiveness and comfort. Not who might see my pistol? Will the bulge in my pants (made by my handgun) be considered offensive?

And trying to convince the cops you’re not a pervert, just carrying a concealed handgun in your Under-All Holster, seems to contradict what the second amendment stands for.

Just in case you were wondering Mrs. DoubleTapper carries her Glock 26 open carry too.

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