19 February 2008

We didn't do it!

Mughniyah is DEAD!

Imad Mughniyah made "Carlos the Jackal" look like an amateur. He claimed up over 400 kills in various terrorist operations he planned. He was reportedly involved in the bombing of the US apartment complex at the Kobar towers in Saudi Arabia. And he had a $25 million reward on his head.

We didn't do it! We didn't do it! We didn't do it! (Not that we wouldn't have if we'd had the opportunity.)

There, now do you believe me? Usually the media and the Arabs accuse us of being bumbling idiots who can't get anything right. I didn't think we'd ever be credited with such a bold move.

I mean there was a huge huge funeral in Beirut, full of Iranian Hezbollah terrorists, and we didn't target that did we? If we had we could have taken out hundreds and potentially even thousands of terrorists and their most active supporters.

So, until you hear otherwise, Israel didn't do it.


Ryan said...

I am glad he is dead. Most of us will never know who did it. Group in fighting is the most probable cause. No matter who did it the world is a better place.

karlos said...

And you don't have any nuclear weapons either.


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