04 February 2008

What Israeli's are carrying these days?

I'm frequently asked , "What types of handguns are carried in Israel"

Every thing and anything is the correct answer. But as far as popularity goes, the 9mm beats everything else hands down. Glock, Beretta, CZ, Colt, S&W, Browning, FN, Sig Sauer, Ruger, and that's just what I see on my way to synagogue on Saturday morning.

There are a few less practical options out there as well. One of my neighbors has a 9mm eastern block looking, folding stock, semi auto, with a 30 round banana clip. He wears it on a sling over his head and shoulder.

The newest thing is what the guys working as security guards are carrying. It's a Fobus shoulder stock attachment for the Glock, Jericho and for the Bul. Both the IWI Jericho and the Bul are made here in Israel.

This is a Bul Cherokee with the shoulder stock attached .

Cherokee Specifications:
  • Caliber: 9mm x 19,
  • Overall Length: 190mm
  • Overall Height: 140mm
  • Weight: 705 gr.
  • Barrel Length: 93mm,
  • Sights: Fixed, 3 dot,
  • Sight Radius: 138mm
  • Safeties: Thumb, & Firing Pin Safeties,
  • Trigger Pull 4.5-5.5 lb.
  • Capacity: 17+1

Bul also does custom paint jobs if you're into that look.


JoeSettler said...

I like my S&W 6906 (though I wish someone made accessories for it).

red said...

I love pistol stocks but to the best of my knowledge, we can't use them here in the States.

Big Daddy said...

What type of contraption is that young man carrying his pistol in?


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