03 February 2008

Armed Civilians might have prevented another massacre

Five women in Chicago are dead. Massacred by a lone man with a gun.
It happened in a suburban Chicago strip mall Saturday morning in Chicago's Gun Free Zone.

With no law abiding citizens allowed to carry firearms in the area to prevent the massacre,
no suspects, and nothing else to say, the Chief of police of the "only criminals can carry guns here zone" Mike O'Connell said, "... I ask we keep family of the victims in our thoughts and prayers"

It sounds like the Gun Free Zone Program hasn't got a prayer, of lowering crime!

Here in Israel, where there are very few Gun Free Zones (Gov. offices require you to lock your weapon in their safe, etc.) civilians have repeatedly stopped crimes like this one before they became deadly.

Just last week counselors in an Israeli high school shot and killed two terrorists before they had a chance to kill any civilians.

This isn't the first time.

A few that stick out in my mind, An alert customer shot dead a terrorist who tried to set off an explosive device in a supermarket in Efrat, and Armed bystanders shoot and kill knife wielding Arab terrorist at a bus stop.

The solution is simple. It's what the Second Amendment of the US Constitution is for. Allow law abiding citizens to defend themselves.


Ryan said...

I agree. 2a does not explicitli (the letter between x and z is on the fritz)give the right to cc or open carri. Lots of western states have acnowledged it is a human right though. If ur state doesn't allow cc or oc then consider voting with ur feet.

Thud said...

The British govt has failed the populace on law and order completely...yet letting us defend ourselves is a complete anathema to them.who knows what we would do if armed?

cmblake6 said...

Indeed. This is the stuff, however, that you don't hear about on the news over here. It works, and the msm has got to keep it quiet. And Thud? I understand you're in more trouble for defending yourself and your property than the criminal for robbing you in the first place. Does anyone recognize the number 1066 in GB anymore? Or have they erased that from the history books?


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