02 February 2008

al Qaeda increasing terror activities in Iraq and Israel

It looks like bin Laden's threat of “blood for blood, destruction for destruction.” is starting to see action in both Iraq and in Israel.

Shaker al-Abessi, the man running al Qaeda’s new operational arm, called Fatah al-Islamin, in Iraq and the Gaza Strip. This according to a message that appeared on al Qaeda’s main website.

Iraq- Two Down syndrome women were used as suicide couriers and were remotely blown up in the middle of Baghdad's pet markets. Al Qaeda's use of female suicide bombers has become a new trend.

Israel- In the Gaza strip hundreds of Al Queda affiliated armed gunmen have been recently seen with heavy weapons, reportedly smuggled in through the Gaza-Egyptian open border and by other means. They bring with them their ideology, money, and weaponry. As if things weren't already a mess in Gaza.

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