10 February 2008

IDF uncovers more eidence of Iranian terrorists in Gaza

IDF forces operating in the PA-controlled northern Gaza region on Thursday morning discovered rocket launchers that had been placed in concrete bunkers hidden underground. The launchers could be activated from a distance by remote control, IDF officials said, which allowed terrorists to escape IDF attempts to immediately retaliate against the rocket-launching cells.

In this 1 min 40 sec video, IDF Servicemen wearing full combat gear and equipped with night vision binoculars, discuss the best camera angles and what to film, as they collect intelligence.

According to military sources, the concrete rocket bunkers in Gaza demonstrate that Hamas has been heavily influenced by the Hizbullah terrorist organization. As was discovered by the IDF, Hizbullah forces have used similar tactics along Israel's northern border, in southern Lebanon.

Intelligence officials have repeated warnings that Iran is supplying terrorists in Gaza with weaponry similar to that the Islamic Republic supplied to the Hizbullah in Lebanon. Evidence of this was provided in January, when a Katyusha rocket fired by Hamas terrorists during an attack on Ashkelon was found to have been manufactured in Iran. The continuing breach in the Gaza-Egypt border has further facilitated the transfer, not only of weapons, according to security sources, but also of Iranian advisers for the PA terrorists.

Intelligence officials say that Iran has used funding, weapons and advanced terrorist training at camps inside the Islamic Republic to build up a critical influence on the PA's leading Hamas faction.

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