25 February 2008

Guns, at the Western Wall

I was at the Western Wall the other day and had my 13 year old son take a few pictures with his camera/phone.

The Western Wall is open to the public. And is usually packed with tourists.

People from all over the world come to pray at the Western Wall.

On any given day you can hear dozens of different languages.

The entire area is well guarded and there are several layers of security. The Police and Border Patrol are there in force. ID checks, carry permit
verification, the works.

Israeli civilians come to pray three times a day.

Yes, even at Judaisms holiest site there are guns.


red said...

How difficult is it for an Israeli citizen to obtain a carry permit? I've heard both sides, it's really easy and it's damn near impossible.

The Mrs and I are looking forward to a future vacation to Israel. We'd like to at least have a basic grasp of Hebrew before we go.

Great pictures! I have a great one of two Orthodox guys carrying their ARs.

DoubleTapper said...

Red- Send me an email at doubletapper@gmail.com



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