02 July 2008

IDF M4 Colt M16

The IDF received the M16A1 rifles during the late 1960s and early 1970s at very low prices. M16 rifles became the major armament of the IDF, replacing the Uzi and all of the other rifles that Israel had used up until that time.

Uzi submachine gun with detachable wood buttstock

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M16A1 in it's original configuration.
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Note the original Colt M16A1 Logo

As tactics and strategy developed changes were needed. Rather then buy new weapons, they began a series of upgrades and add ons.

Match barrels were introduced. Flat top uppers were added. Collapsible stocks replaced the originals.

Most of the IDF's M4 rifles are actually M16A1 receivers that have been completely gutted and rebuilt to today's standards.

Here are a few examples:

Note the purple hue to the flattop upper.

Lots of M203's

Female Israeli combat soldiers of the Caracal light infantry Battalion hold up their M-16 rifles at a shooting range in Ein Yahav, southern Israel, 13 February 2007. The Caracal Battalion is a combat battalion of the Israeli army and is composed of both male and female soldiers. Women were previously prevented from serving in direct combat positions, but due to growing public pressure, the Caracal unit was formed in 2000, and was assigned patrols along the Israel-Jordan border From Getty Images by AFP/Getty Images.
Female Israeli combat soldiers of the Caracal light infantry Battalion

Of course there are many more accessories and options available...


Want to see something cool? Do a google image search for M16A1 Israel. How did that guy end up in first place?



Rustmeister said...

I was issued the A 1 back in the early 80's.

I tell ya, those triangular handguards could really mess with your shot groups.

Jason said...

Very cool post and great blog. I am digging that banner image you have - I have a couple of those configurations and you gave me some new ideas too!

red said...

Great post! Man, I need to finish my AR. Time for me to decide on an upper!

Vleeptron Dude said...

Check out this slideshow, scores of IDF M4s, and (some of) the soldiers who bear them.



Anonymous said...

How is the bipod attached in the one pic of the marksman M4 on the table? It has a standard handguard, so the rail system explanation is out the window.

DoubleTapper said...

The bipod has been bolted to the bottom half of the standard handguard using the existing holes.

The same way this is mounted.


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