25 July 2008

Strange guns in my neighborhood

One of my neighbors carries the Intratec TEC DC-9

The TEC DC-9 is a low priced autoloading pistol made by Intratec Firearms of Miami, Florida. The DC-9 looks like a miniature submachinegun, although it is not a fully automatic firearm. The magazine is located in front of the trigger, and the gun features a threaded barrel, a perforated heat shroud, and a long 30-round magazine. The DC-9 is blowback operated and chambers the 9mm Luger cartridge ( 9×19mm ).

DC-9 is over a foot in length and weighs in at over four and a half pounds when loaded.

Intratec DC-9

My neighbor wears it slung over his shoulder like a full auto SMG.


Anonymous said...

Never understood the fascination with these semi-auto pieces of jamming junk. You can get a Glock 19 (9mm) with a big honking 33rd mag that has super reliability and more concealibility, just doesn't look as 'cool' or 'gangsta' as the TEC9s, DC9s, MAC10s, MAC11s, etc. etc. I reckon. Hell, give me a Glock or Springfield XDM anyday with 19+1 capacity that I can carry in my waistband rather than one of these oversized pieces of garbage "MACKs" or "TECs" that are the same caliber but are oversized, unreliable, and thuggier looking. Impress yo gangsta brothas wid da TEC9, but also lose your life since they are jam-o-matics and inaccurate. Stupid Jigs.

CJS3 said...

I had a tec9 years ago. My wife and I shot it a few times, then it went in to the gun safe for a few years. I think I traded it for a shotgun.


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