10 July 2008

More on the Bulldozer Terror Attack

This video shows the path the bulldozer took, including footage showing the terrorist being killed from different angles.The Bulldozer of Death

Warning: Semi-graphic picture ahead....

And who is this smiling gentleman?

It's the terrorist who drove the bulldozer. His family is complaining that he shouldn't have been shot.

The lawyer representing the family of bulldozer driver Hossam Dawyyat of east Jerusalem, who murdered three people and injured dozens during a killing spree in Jerusalem on Wednesday, said Thursday that had the police cuffed the terrorist's hands and legs and removed him from the vehicle, the incident would have ended at once and "life would have been spared."

The picture above is the "Before Shot"

This is the "After Shot"

Personally I think he got what he deserved!


JoeSettler said...

Congratulations on getting a blessing from M !

"B'Karov Etslicha"

Gun eTools said...

What was the caliber and the make of the hangun used?

DoubleTapper said...

Olav- It was a 9mm, I haven't found the make yet.

DoubleTapper said...

Olav- It was a Glock 19

Sam said...

the first bullit that stopped him was from a cz police 9mn gun.

Sam. security guard.


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