21 July 2008

Barack Hussein Obama, quotable quotes.

Not from him. From online commenters.

Obama’s fundamental lack of understanding about the true nature of the enemy we face in radical Islam is deeply disturbing. Maybe we could excuse his remarks from the days after 9/11 — before we really knew much about the terrorists — but Obama still seems to be laboring under the same misperceptions he expressed back then. How else can we explain Obama’s support for the Senate bill that would give away One Trillion U.S. tax dollars to the United Nations to combat “global poverty”? Obama still seems to believe that we can stop terrorism by being kinder and more compassionate to terrorists. That’s a foolish and extremely dangerous belief for any U.S. lawmaker — let alone one who might be our next Commander-in-Chief.

In his first race for office, seeking a state senate seat on Chicago’s gritty South Side in 1996, Obama effectively used election rules to eliminate his Democratic competition. The move denied each of them, including incumbent Alice Palmer, a longtime Chicago activist, a place on the ballot. It cleared the way for Obama to run unopposed on the Democratic ticket in a heavily Democrat district.

Osama Obama is simply a Pet Rock. Clever packaging on the outside, a pointless, useless stone on the inside.

Vote Obama ‘08! So the next time we’re attacked, we can sit around in a kumbaya circle and talk about feelings.

Come on now - are we really surprised about his comments to be sympathetic or empathetic to the 9/11 hijackers?

Since Obama’s a deeply closeted Muslim…why is this such a shocka?

Nothing can make an effete anti-American patriotic, and certainly not wearing a lapel pin.
If he was honest, Obama would wear a turban and be done with it.

Obama should wear a pin that says “You’re all suckers. Now give me more of your cash.”

I think that even Barack Obama seems to be getting tired of Barack Obama…

The more I hear from B.O., the more I doubt we could pool enough money to buy the guy a sufficient clue.

Note to Osama-bama: when you’re built like an effeminate twig, it’s probably best to let your wife do the ass kickin. With her jaw and man hands, she’s more suited for the job.

I still have No Idea how he got this far.

Obama should the wear the flag pin of the United States. If he has a problem with that, then he should run for President/Dictator of a country where he likes the pin.

Obama’s only real talent seems to be getting himself elected to positions for which he has no qualifications. It started in law school, when he was elected editor of the Law Review (as a compromise candidate, after 19 rounds of balloting), and then went on to be the only editor who never published an article of his own (writing an article probably seemed too much like real work, eh Obama?).

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