22 July 2008

Terrorist Killed by Civilian

Rabbi Yaki Asael, 56, father of eight, from Susia, shot and killed a terrorst today in Jersalem. Asael owns and operates a vineyard and teaches Bible studies in the Kiryat Arba Yeshiva High School.

Eleven people are being treated for physical injuries and shock after an Arab terrorist drove a dozer into traffic and smashed a bus and at least two cars and tried to overrun pedestrians before he was killed by Rabbi Asael. One of Rabbi Asael's former students killed the terrorist just 3 weeks ago.

In the video, Rabbi Yaki Asael is told "Nice work" (Kol HaKavod, in Hebrew) by a security officer on the scene.

A border patrol policeman verifies Yaki's work by shooting the terrorist in the head at point blank range.

Hat tip to Jameel.


Gun eTools said...

Are most citizens armed?

Seems like a good thing because that's the second time a terrorist is using construction equipment as a weapon.

Stephen said...

The good guys win again!

Do you know what caliber/make of gun Asael used?

TexasFred said...

One of these days we'll be able to defend ourselves that same way...

And it better be soon, if the gun grabbers get in come Nov, we're screwed...

Anonymous said...

If it had happened in the US, the rabbi would end up going to federal prison for violating the terrorist's civil rights.


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