15 July 2008

Iran missile tests are a fake!

Fake Iranian Missile pictures can be viewed at Boing Boing, Danger Room, and the Economist.



"There's no doubt the photo was doctored," said Mark Fitzpatrick, director of the Non-Proliferation Program for the London-based International Institute For Strategic Studies.

Iran claimed last week to have tested a new version of the Shahab missile with a 1,250-mile range that would put in range much of the Middle East, including Israel and Turkey and the Arabian peninsula, and Pakistan.However, a respected independent national security website, ArmsControlWonk.com, concluded that the missiles were identical to an earlier version of the Shahab, first unveiled by Iran in 1998 with a known range of 746 miles.

In a posting called “Same old Boring Shahab 3”, it analyzed Iranian video footage, comparing the diameter of the missile to its length and found it to be identical to the decade-old version.

Other defense analysts believe that the missile was a Shahab 3a model with a 900-mile range.

Iran also issued misleading statements about the ranges and doctored videos to make the firings seem more numerous and fearsome than reality, The New York Times reported.

Coverage showing what appeared to be many missiles being fired was apparently just one device, filmed from different angles. “Deception was rampant,” said Charles Vick, an expert on the Iranian missile program at Global Security, a prominent defense think tank.

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