30 December 2009

Friday Fun at the Range

تنسيق-الكليات-لعام سكس نيك كس

I just got the word that my Counter Terrorism Team will be shooting on Friday!    This should be a good chance for me to take the FAB Defense case from Zahal.org with me to the range and get some feedback from the Team.

That's Mrs. DoubleTapper's Glock 26 in the picture with my Glock 17.

I'll post the details after we get back from the Range.

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Anonymous said...

hope you've got the right paperwork for that stock extension. Can't have an SBR without the right papers.

DoubleTapper said...

Here in Israel, there is NO PAPERWORK required for stocks, extended magazines, etc.

I've written up Israeli firearms law and regulations here.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Mikey Lee said...

The mags for your 17 are metal lined "drop free" mags. Granted it's been 12 years since I went to Glock school, but i understood those were only sold in the US, and a 10 rounder?

Ryan said...

How do you like the stock extension thingie? Nice case.

PA State Cop said...

Is there a revolver presence there? I started on Wheelguns when I went through the academy and didn't get an Auto (Beretta) intil 1994. Still carry a 2" Combat Masterpiece for Court. Also approved on a 4" 686 .357 Magnum and 2 1/2" Nickle 19 (.357). Carry a S&W 624 .44 Special in the Winter. Just wondering.

DoubleTapper said...

Mikey- Israel has weapons accessories from all over the world. Some are manufactured here and the rest are imported.

The 10 round Glock original is from ebay and is used to practice magazine swaps and jams.

Ryan- The FAB Shoulder stock for the Glock is awesome. I'm writing it up and will post soon. The case is from Zahal.org .

PACOP- because we can only own 1 pistol, most Israelis chose automatics. I had a .357 as my first pistol and loved it.


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