19 August 2010

Should Israel Bomb Iran's Nuclear Reactor in Bushehr?

In an editorial, the Washington Times calls on Israel to bomb Iran's Bushehr reactor on Friday.


Bushehr Power Plant

"...It's doubtful America will take action. The State Department's response to the latest IAEA report on Iranian enrichment violations merely said, "We are hopeful that Iran will express a willingness to come to the table. We stand ready to have that dialogue." Not exactly the kind of rhetoric that instills fear of consequences.

Israel is the only country likely to mount a military strike, and the Bushehr site is an exposed facility that could be taken out with conventional weapons. It's located on Iran's west coast, less than a third of a mile from the shore; air forces would not have to spend much time overflying Iran to attack it. The plant also could be hit using sea-launched cruise missiles from Israeli submarines. With an effective range of at least 900 miles, the subs wouldn't have to transit the Strait of Hormuz to mount the attack.

The strike needn't happen before Friday. Mr. Bolton set that deadline because he was concerned that destroying an operational plant would create a radiation hazard, but a strike that left the site radioactive would hinder Iranian attempts to get it back up and running. Civilian casualties would be minimal because the site is located nine miles downwind of the city of Bushehr, and potential fallout would drift over either the Gulf close to Iran or the immediate area, which is arid and sparsely populated.

The most dangerous fallout could be political. Russia, Iran's nuclear sponsor, is likely to voice strong objections; the usual anti-Israel suspects will howl; and the United States may not be as sturdy a champion for Israel as it was in the past. But the time has come to demonstrate resolve in face of an imminent threat from Iran. The Free World depends on Israeli power..."
What do you think?  Should Israel drop the bomb on Iran?

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PetrolClock said...

i think someone who iran would'nt expect should do it, like finland, UK, sweden etc etc

Bob Devine said...

If Israel does not bomb that reactor before they have a bomb they will not have time to after they acquire one. That psycho running Iran will have it launched or dropped within hours of getting it. Help from the USA in these politically correct times will be a long time coming and if Obama is still in office I do not think it will come at all. TAKE THE SITE OUT ASP!!!

Cargosquid said...

When you have nothing left to lose, because of bigoted adverse world opinion or national security, then, heck, what HAVE they go to lose?

USCitizen said...

What? You haven't taken it out yet? What's the hold up?

Go for it!

You have my blessing.

Anonymous said...

L'Chaim, Let's Fry 'Em!

Anonymous said...

If they dont bomb it then they will be wiped off the planet as soon as iran has a bomb made and with a muslim president they shouldnt be expecting help form us.

Anonymous said...

In principle I would say of course but I doubt (although I do not really know) if it would stop their enrichment program. If it would then without qualification yes. If it wouldn't I am not sure it is a worthwhile target in and of itself.

You will have many citizens from the US come to Israel to fight with you should you ever make such a request. I know you well understand that US policy at this time is not representative of a large majority of US citizenry who in fact view it as shameful.

Andrew said...

Do it while you still can.

CJS3 said...

While bombing may not be the most politically expediantly thing to do, failure to act decisively now will ensure a future that includes irradiating the entire region. The current American administration has ensured a future nuclear conflict (or surrender) with it's failure to act. It is my opinion that the Israelies risk genicide if they fail to protect themselves now.

Bushwack said...

Everyone seems to think Israel will do it soon. I on the other hand believe Israel will wait until after the midterm Election in the USA. Sometime after the next congress starts. IF the election results in the predicted shift.

IF the results in November DON'T produce a majority Republican house, then Israel will strike prior to the start. And if I was in Israel I'd be investing in gas masks, and digging holes.

Obama is not a friend of Israel and if the R's have congress at least Obama wont be able to do much to hurt Israel.

BTW, I'm adding you to my best of the web page. You should feel honored...

A&P Best of the web

Tailwind said...

For some reason....the site feels a little too 'perfect'. Near the coast, easy to attack, no real population near.....seems like a trap to me. Attacking it would stir up a hornet's nest while the real site (wherever that is) continues its work unimpeded.


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