16 January 2008

Just Married! Congratulations to the entire Bin Laden family!!! or is it clan???

Omar Osama Bin Laden, (yes, son of al-Qaeda's very own Osama Bin Laden) is married!

Omar (age 26) son of Osama and Najwa, runs his own company in Jeddah is a contractor and also deals in large consignments of scrap metals, and has recently married Jane Felix-Browne (age 52), from Moulton, near Northwich in Cheshire UK.

According to online sources their mutual love of horses brought them together. She is his third wife, and he is her sixth husband.

Did anyone else just lose their appetite?


Unknown said...

"Did anyone else just lose their appetite?"

All over the floor...

Anonymous said...

haha. What a joke. I googled it and found this article


Some quotes

"Today, she is taking family loyalty to a somewhat improbable level, insisting again that the Bin Laden patriarch might just be innocent. With a jaw-dropping combination of stupidity and naivety, she says in her best school ma'am voice, when I raise the question of the Twin Towers: "I mean, do you know - beyond all doubt - that he did it?"


""My children adore Omar," she says expansively. "He is wonderful with them. He is the same age as my sons Vincent and Dean and he is like their best friend."

How this woman conned 6 men to marry her is a mystery.

Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

Awww, how sweet. This raises a lot more questions than it answers dosen't it? Let me see... Rich, dashing young scion of terror lord marries well connencted, chubby, super-annuated fifty year old with more miles on her odometer than my '92 Reliant...
I wonder if she's going to wear a burkha?
BTW, nice site. Thanks for the link...


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