07 January 2008

LT G's running Army translator

Hat Tip to LT G for the Military Jargon Translator from the new http://kaboomwarjournal.blogspot.com/

For those of you that don't speak grunting acronym:

  • PVT, PV2- Private
  • PFC- Private First Class
  • SPC- Specialist
  • CPL- Corporal
  • SGT- Sergeant
  • SSG- Staff Sergeant
  • SFC- Sergeant First Class
  • MSG- Master Sergeant
  • 1SG- First Sergant
  • SGM- Sergeant Major
  • 2LT- Second Lieutenant
  • 1LT- First Lieutenant
  • CPT- Captain
  • MAJ- Major
  • LTC- Lieutenant Colonel
  • COL- Colonel
  • GEN- Stars, stars, and more stars

  • OPSEC- Operational Security
  • PLT- Platoon
  • OP- Observation Post
  • PL- Platoon Leader
  • PSG- Platoon Sergeant
  • CO- Commanding Officer; Company/Troop Commander
  • FOB - Forward Operating Base
  • AO- Area of operations

Military jargon:
  • Jody- The non-military guy who is back home with the military guy's wife/girlfriend. Jody leads a simple, soft life, and vengeance upon him will be swift and merciless.
  • Fobbit - A term used to describe soldiers who never leave the wire, also known as the FOB. Originally used as a derogatory term, it has evolved into a term most often used by fobbits themselves.
  • Terp - Interpreter.


CJ said...

The only one I see missing is CSM = Command Sergeant Major

Nicki said...

Hey! Someone forgot the Command Sgt. Major! LOL



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