30 January 2008

Questions From Readers

Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions from readers via email.
I guess I should have thought of that before I posted my email address on my blog.
Many of the questions are in regards to living in Israel, specifically to guns.
I’ll try and answers as many of your questions as I can…

I carry a Glock17 in a Foubus pancake holster on my right hip. It’s comfortable, easy to get to sitting or standing, and extremely visible. My carry permit allows me to carry. Period!

No, if someone sees it you can loose your permit junk.

The laws here in Israel are extremely restrictive, but have some elements of common sense. All weapons are listed, registered and individually licensed. The Ministry of Interior is responsible for the licensing of weapons and Gun Shops. I applied for and was issued a carry permit back in the 1980’s when I was still on active IDF duty. Every 5 years I am required to pass a physical and mental health check, criminal background check, qualify at the range, and pay a renewal fee for my carry permit.

I do not have, and can’t get a backup pistol. Although I am a Reserve Office (Captain) and have a M16A1 military issue rifle that I have “signed out” from the military, for civil defense, I am still only allowed 1 handgun carry permit, for my single pistol.

Mrs. DoubleTapper has her own Glock 26. We are not allowed to carry each other’s pistols.
That’s it one pistol per person, very few exceptions. But if you aren’t crazy, a criminal, or too infirm to carry, you can apply and get a permit to carry.

Who carries weapons in Israel?

Servicemen and women, on duty and off, in uniform or not. Reservists, Cops, Ambulance Drivers, Firemen, Teachers, Security Guards, Businessmen, and anyone else that has a valid carry permit. Jews, Arabs, and Christians (and everyone else) all carry weapons.

Rifles are generally issued by the IDF and carried by Servicemen and Reservists, although if you live in an area deemed by the Government to be a high risk (that’s almost every small town in Israel today) you can be issued a rifle for civil defense.

I'll add some more posts answering your questions later...

Feel free to email me DoubleTapper (at) Gmail.com or leave a comment with any questions.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting!

Are you allowed firearms for recreational purposes?

Out of interest, is there anything to hunt in Israel?

BobG said...

Are there any regulations or limitations on the type of handgun you can carry with a permit?

Ryan said...

Great Blog. I think we in the USA can learn a lot from people who "live the life". I have heard that u are not allowed to have a round in the chamber of ur pistol in Israel. Is that true? I appologize for the wierd spelling, the letter between x and z is acting up on m computer.

Rus said...

I found it interesting as well; thanks for the write up!


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