17 February 2008

IDF Allegiance Ceremony for Giavati Brigade

Thursday I took Mrs. DoubleTapper and the kids to Tel Aviv to attend the IDF Allegiance Ceremony for Giavati Brigade. One of the Servicemen I frequently bribe with Mrs. DoubleTapper's incredible concoctions invited us to attend.

On the way to the ceremony, we picked up another of our local servicemen and took him along.

Givati is traditionally the southern brigade so their area of operations is mostly in the south. Although in a country the size of New Jersey, they send you where they need you.

Givati used to train in amphibious landings and desert warfare. Now they train for everything including unarmed combat, special ops, long range reconnaissance, urban warfare, and anti terrorism. They were recently upgraded to the IWI Tavor.

During the ceremony, which takes place about 2/3 of the way into basic training (at about 3 months) the servicemen make a verbal pledge, and are given a rifle and a bible.

The unit color is purple. The purple unit berets are issued at the end of basic.

I found this video of the servicemen that took part in the ceremony online.


Ryan said...

I like the part about the rifle and bible. Thats good.

Robocop said...

The Tavor looks like a sweet piece. My hats off for the IDF!


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