26 March 2008

Why do you own a gun?

Who's never been asked that question.

Here are some answers:

Jim: When I was diagnosed with cancer I found myself and my family in need of protection. I was too old to fight, too sick to run, and since cancer took my vocal cords, I couldn't yell for help. I purchased
my first ever firearm.

Jessica: I'm just one little girl in the world.

Anthony: I own a gun because I'm a fuckin' American and a Marine. It's my God-given right.

Bashir: I just think it's a good thing to have.

Beth: I have one for self protection. I was raised to never rely on anyone else to protect me or watch my back.

Jerry: We are our own last line of defense.

Ashley: There are few things that beat a good day at the gun range, but the biggest reason I own firearms is because it’s my right as a citizen...

Dan: I consider the ownership of arms not only a right, but the duty of a free people to themselves and future generations.

Ok so now we know why they own guns.

Why do you own guns?

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Phillip said...

The short answer would be: I fell off a cliff.
I'll expand on that and try to make it more than a punch line. I've owned guns since I was legal to do so, and there have been guns in my household since before I was born. I had even gotten my concealed carry permit not long after I was eligible. However, it was never a huge worry with me, I was young, strong, and fairly able to take care of myself using an assortment of hand to hand styles and I always carried a knife that was just under legal.
Last year while visiting my parents, however, I fell off a 40 foot cliff, shattering my hip and fracturing my skull. During my recovery, I realized just how vulnerable I looked to the predatory type of criminal. I was on crutches, I moved slow. I was alone a lot. Hmm...
I renewed my expired concealed carry permit, did some research, purchased a new handgun, and trained with it. I'm finally able to walk without crutches or a cane, and my face would send most bad guys looking for cover themselves, but I still carry, because during the research I did, I was reminded how violent the world is, and how fast things can happen.
I avoid convenience stores at night, I don't go in bars or to any rough sections of town I can avoid. I keep my eyes open, and maintain situational awareness. But all that can only go so far.
I own a gun to protect myself and my family. It's no guarantee, but it's better than not trying at all.
Short answers sometimes have long explanations. Sorry.

booboo said...

Because I can.

Earl said...

I learned to shoot in competition in Junior High School, then learned to fight in combat in the Army, continued competition shooting, contiued combat shooting. Like to have all the reasons to be afraid on my side of the door.

Bobby Nations said...

Guns are fun! :-) And useful.

Anonymous said...

I just enjoy shooting and hunting. Simple as that. Its fun.

Its not very deep, but its probably the reason hardest to comprehend by the liberals.

I do, of course, care deeply about gun rights.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I own a gun becuse in the middle of the night when things go bump, the cops are a long way off when secods count. Besides that, it is my right and my duty as an American. Never know when we may need to become a militia again.

Anonymous said...

That's like asking "why do you own a Fire Extinguisher" or "why do you own a Television set" or "why do you own a hammer."

Do you read the news? Do you see the reports of violent crime and mayhem that are reported around the country and the world every day?

My counter question is why SHOULDN'T I own gun?

Besides: I enjoy making small holes in paper targets just like some people like knocking wooden pins down with a large heavy ball or hitting a small ball with dimples into a hole in the ground. It's challenging and fun.

Anonymous said...

Short answer: To shoot people.

I own them because I am interested in them, they are my hobby at this point in my life.

I strongly believe in self defense, that's why my first handgun was a Glock 30, small enough to carry concealed, big enough to shoot well.

If it where not my hobby, I would still own my Glock 30, a rifle or two, and a shotgun.

But it all boils down to, I own firearms in order to stop bad guys.

Chris said...

One night a very strange man came to my door and asked about an address that couldn't possibly exist in my neighborhood. Immediately after this encounter, it occurred to me that if someone got past me, then who would defend my wife and kids?

I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to handle firearms, and to teach my children also, so they would not be afraid of them, but recognize them for the tools that they are.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

To help insure liberty.

And I have you blogrolled now to DT.

Keep up the great work.

SordidPanda said...

I bought a gun because I enjoy shooting. The fact that guns can be used for self defense was an added bonus. Then I got into hunting.

Then I got into reloading so I could shoot more. Then I realized that I could load premium bullets for a fraction of factory loads.

Texas gun nut said...

1. Because my defense is my responsibility and mine alone.
2. There are a number of people in the world who want me dead because I am either Texan, American, or not of a certain religous sect. One day, I and my children will have to defend ourselves from this threat, beyond the threats we already see day to day.
3. I enjoy history and collecting things that are representative of history.
4. There is no finer investment than a gun. They hardly ever go out of style, and you can use them repeatedly without devaluation.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

This is one for the disgustingly titanic - and growing - number of mealy-mouthed, spineless, gutless, blow-dried, mulleted, Birkenstock-wearing MINOs out there who peer through their Coke-bottle glasses at guys like us with contempt, and vote for HITLERy to overcompensate for their *ahem* "underdevelopment".
The question isn't why I own a gun, it's why don't you!?
We have a criminal justice system that lets murderers out on furlough, a stupid Johnny-Reb President who looks the other way while millions wetback into the country every day from turd-world hellholes, and a Roman Crap-lick cult importing as many of our enemies as they can lay hands on. You better believe I'm packin'...Lots of ammo, too!

NotClauswitz said...

Because they're fun!! They're a Pursuit of Happiness issue.

JoeSettler said...

I'm wondering if the question shouldn't be "Why do you own a gun?", but rather "Who shouldn't be allowed to own a gun?".

It seems to me that basic right to self-defense should allow anyone to have a gun, on the other hand there are plenty of people out there that the idea of them handling (much less owning) a gun scares me.

I was in one of the local gun stores in Jerusalem when the storeowner was being asked to sign off on a prospective security guard after completing the basic shooting class. He refused and sent a message to the relevant government ministry, that he felt this person shouldn't have a gun.

Anonymous said...

Because I want to live, and I want bad guys to be afraid.

Esser Agaroth said...

B"H Living in the ancestral territory of Efraim, I am often asked why I don't own a gun.

No money, and just never went through the whole rigamaroll to get one.

BTW, if you're a teacher and live and/or work in Yehudah, Binyamin, Efraim, or Menashe, the Ed. Ministry will lend you a gun {if you have a license} during the school year.

Freddy said...

Because there are those who do not and will not respect my Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Americas freedom was forged from steel. The The Second Amendment is made of steel and only that steel will guarantee my and your freedom.

Unknown said...

Because only I can guarantee my family's safety. Waiting for someone to respond is like watching your loved ones die. Also I believe that an unarmed society is nothing more than subjects.

Norm G said...

Because a policeman is too heavy.


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