19 March 2008

M4 Rifle in IDF

There are currently more M4 rifles in use in the IDF then any other rifle.

The M4's (and M16A1, M16A3, and various other M16 variants) have been in constant use by the IDF since the 1970's.

My M16A1 is so old that it rattles loudly. But it still shoots great.

The IDF uses the M4 for the majority of it's rifle tasks, from sentry duty, to specialized Urban Warfare an everything in between. Anti Terror squads, marksmen, infantry, combat engineers, all carry the M4 in various configurations, with all kinds of accessories.

Chrome lined barrels, scopes of all kinds, and even M203 grenade launchers are in use by the IDF on their M4's.

Training with the M4

Nahal Hareidi Infantry Unit with lots of footage of the M4 in action. You can see how it's used while manning checkpoints, arresting terrorists,with various scopes, bi pods, and other accessories.

M4 with detachable carrying handle

M4 carbine with M203 40mm grenade launcher

M4 with forward mounted handgrip and night vision sight

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M4 with M203 40mm grenade launcher, note the retaining cord on the dual magazine, and attached rifle sling.

M4 with 90 degree angle mounted magazine (in holder) to keep the magazine handy, and attached rifle sling.

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Anonymous said...

I think I may have missed something. Was there a rifle in that last picture?

I didn't notice it. Maybe I was distracted by something else.

Unknown said...

They have better weapons than the m4. The magpul masada is being released in 2009, and is replacing all m4's, and m16 variations. And the sidearms they use, whther it's mp5's, mp5k's, or desert eagles, they will all be replaced with pdw's.

AmbivalentMonk said...

Hello, found your blog through a image search for "M4"...haha.

What do you think about the IMI Tavor? Have you used it?

DoubleTapper said...

AM- check out this post I did on the Tavor.


Anonymous said...

Israeli women are hot... Any room in the IDF for an American?

Dov Ber Rafael said...

There are lots of Americans in the IDF. If your Jewish you could make aliya (move to Israel and become a citizen). Really. Think hard about it.

I'd be there now but I'm too old to be in the Israeli armed forces.

Good luck. Don't get distracted during combat ogling your comrades in arms.

Avi said...

Hi i just bought a stag arms m4 my question is which brand m4's are available all the brands just like the u.s or just a few,
take care

msspurlock said...

Agreed. Is there some kind of rule that says female Israeli soldiers have to be hot?

If so, I heartily approve.

P gallagher said...

HI DOUBLE TAPPER i'm tring to find photos of the I.D.F dog teams and your spiecal forces as i do reinactments over here in the uk i'm very impressed with what the I.D.F do and have done much the same as the work i did in my own country (Ulster) as i'm ex forces i did 13 years

Xander X said...

Are there better weapons than the M4? So say yes, others say no. But actually the ACR is NOT replacing "all M4 and M16 variations". It's going to be competing in an upcoming US Army competition for a new carbine, yes, but it hasn't won said competition just yet, no matter how much you like it. In addition, the USMC has already expressed satisfaction with both the M16A4 and the M4 in their current-ish configurations (the only improvement they wish to make is to the M16A4 and that's to replace the fixed stock with a collapsible one) and has no interest in acquiring a new standard weapon at this time. Also, the MP5 family was replaced in general use by carbines like the M4 and Mark 18 YEARS AGO (where have you been to not know this?) and the Desert Eagle is such an ungainly monster that very few (if any at all) militaries use it as a sidearm (it's like carrying a brick in the holster on your leg). Another little tidbit here is that the US Army is in the process of upgrading all its M4s to A1 standard (full auto instead of mechanical burst) and replacing the DI system with a piston (among other changes). So, in short, the M16 and M4 will still be around for a very, very long time. My suggestion to you is to try and get your info from better sources than the Modern Warfare video game wiki.

As a final word, Shaun, let me ask you this: If the M16 family is so bad, why is it that the elite units of almost every nation (US, UK, Canada, France, Egypt, Australia, Greece, Israel, to name a few) that can get whatever they want to get chooses, I repeat CHOOSES, a variant of the M16 family as their primary arm? The US uses the M4A1, Canada uses the various C8 derivatives (license-produced M4A1s that differ in only minor exterior details), UK uses the C8SFW which they call the L119A1, and the rest of those nations I listed use some form of M16-based carbine. Why's the weapon so bad if so many choose of their own free will to carry it?

DT, sorry to run this off topic, but I just couldn't let such an inaccurate statement like Shaun's go without a "fact check" response.

msspurlock said...

I have to agree there.
The M-16 had its problems early on.

Emphasis on "early on."

The makers were very responsive to requested changes and the most recent variations perform admirably against the newest weapon ranges in its class.


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