24 March 2008

The Only Ones...

In Britain the only ones that can carry handguns are the police...

Britain is proving that disarming the masses and putting firearms only in the hands of so called "experts" isn't the best idea.

Gun injuries have gone up after police officers have shot themselves - and colleagues - by mistake. The number of armed police officers accidentally shooting themselves – and other colleagues – has soared in the past five years. Now, nearly half of all injuries caused by police shootings are the result of officers blasting themselves or a colleague, often during bungled training and demonstrations.

And in D.C. the Chief of Police only wants the experts to have guns too.

1 comment:

Earl said...

She is excited? Hmm, it takes so little to make her that way. Another fool in charge willing to give up her weapon going into Court - because she really believes no one is going to shoot her there? Well, I don't think they will shoot her either, but then I would still allow everyone their weapons in court and out, but they don't put me in charge of anything.


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