15 March 2008

Hero silenced by the liberal media

As you may remember, Rabbi Yitzchak Dadon shot the terrorist at Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva High School in Jerusalem last week.

You probably haven't heard his name since. Why? After all he is a hero.

Apparently the liberal media don't like heroes that speak the truth. He made a major media blunder. The reporters of Israel’s television stations enthusiastically interviewing the hero of the evening in a live broadcast got more than they bargained for.

Rabbi Dadon insisted on associating the massacre in the yeshiva with Shimon Peres (currently the President of Israel and one of the architects of the failed Oslo peace plan that armed the terrorists), and with Ehud Olmert, Israel's current Prime minister, who has picked up where Peres left off.

The two reporters quickly cut Rabbi Dadon off, attempting to censor him.

The media was in a bind. The hero said all the wrong things. But they quickly found a solution. David Shapira, the yeshiva graduate who continued to shoot the terrorist after Rabbi Dadon had already severely wounded or possibly killed him, became the new hero. He was perfect for the part. He is still serving in the IDF (he was on a weekend furlough at the time) and cannot give interviews and say embarrassing forbidden truths in live national news broadcasts.

There you have it. Another hero silenced by the liberal press.

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Earl said...

The truth shall set you free, if you could find someone to tell it...

Hyunchback said...

The media in the US really did not want to tell the story of the first student. He was NOT a police officer and to admit that in Israel ordinary students can have weapons at a school would raise embarrassing questions about the students here.

DoubleTapper said...


Rabbi Dadon's story never made it to the western press because it was censored here. And if it isn't reported here, it almost never get to the rest of the world.

For unbiased reporting in English, try http://www.Debka.com and http://www.IsraelNN.com


Hyunchback said...

Thanks for the links.


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