31 March 2008

M4 accessories wish list

Steve at HogOnIce asked about accessories for the AR. Versitile, customizable rifles with a huge selection of accessories available.

Here in Israel we carry the IDF issue M16A1 (and the M4) as members of the local militia.

I carry my M16A1 with a barrel mounted laser sight/pointer with a PTT on my tactical fore grip in the front, a Surefire flashlight, and a rear pistol grip. I also have a see through mount for my 50mm 3-9X scope with lighted rangefinder reticle so I can use the iron sights at close range. And a magazine coupler.

I added accessories as they became available as my budget for add ons is nonexistent.

Each accessory has been carefully checked out and certified by the anti-terror team.

If I had my way, I'd upgrade to a newer M4 rifle and set it up like this:

Steve, I don't think Mrs. DoubleTapper would appreciate me naming her Vera, but since she's a Colt, I could probably get away with calling her Filly.

Of course there are many more accessories and options available...


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NotClauswitz said...

I'm working on a flattop Noveske upper... It costs money to hang all those do-dads on there!

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