20 March 2008

Oppose Israel, Pay $10 for Cheerios?

This was posted today at HogOnIce. Not the most likely name for a blog that you'd expect an Orthodox Jewish Gun Nut living in the Land of Israel to be reading every day, but believe me it's worth your time.

"Eretz Israel" is Hebrew for "Land of Israel" and refers to the Land that was promised to the Jewish People by God in the Torah (Old Testament).

Oppose Israel, Pay $10 for Cheerios?

Count me Out

I stumbled across something interesting last night. I'll bet a lot of you know who Hal Lindsey is. He wrote The Late Great Planet Earth back in the Eighties. It's all about his interpretation of Biblical prophecy. I just came across one of his columns, and I thought some of you might want to take a quick look.

I'm not endorsing this guy. I don't really remember all of his positions. But he believes in Eretz Israel, and so do many other Christians, and so--unbelievably--do a few Jews. Eretz Israel is the term used to describe the land promised to the Jews by God. It's not totally clear what it means, but it's definitely bigger than the little sliver of land the Jews currently defend. Hal Lindsey says:

The "land for peace" formula called for Israel to give up some of the land of Promise in exchange for peace. In other words, it was a form of blackmail whose terms were drawn up in Washington and forced upon Israel for the express purpose of undoing what God had already done, including dividing Jerusalem and taking part of it from the Jews.

I've been a supporter of Israel for a very long time. But somehow it never occurred to me how wrong it was to pressure the Jews to cede land--their birthright--even temporarily. I always figured that as long as Israel was reasonably secure and covered a fair amount of real estate, everything was on course. And I thought America was doing well, by funding Israel's defense and attacking her enemies. But I was wrong. George Bush should never have entertained the notion of making the Jews give anything back. They are surrounded by vicious barbarians, and they treat Arabs within their borders better than Arabs treat their own, and as far as I'm concerned, it's fine with me if they take over half of the Middle East. It would be nothing but progress. In their hearts, the Arabs agree. Historically, they have busted their asses trying to sneak into Israel, much as Mexicans sneak into the USA. They haven't just entered to commit acts of terrorism. They also wanted jobs and better treatment than they got at home.

I thought America was a country that would be blessed for harboring and helping Jews. But Hal Lindsey and the Orthodox Jews are right. What we are doing over there is very, very wrong. So maybe Lindsey and the Torah-believing Jews are right when they saw America is having hard times because of it.

Yesterday I read that a pizza maker was paying $37 each for bags of flour that cost him $16 a month ago. Because of the ethanol farce. Ethanol is a proven hoax, yet we are going to starve our children (and the children of foreigners who eat our grain) to keep the ignorant hippies happy. Oil is plentiful, and nuclear energy is cheap, safe, and virtually inexhaustible, but energy costs are skyrocketing because we are crippled by completely irrational policies about building reactors, and because the oil companies and the hippies agree that we shouldn't build refineries. Money that used to stay here now goes to India and China and even Brazil. The Euro, which used to be a joke, has traded places with the dollar. Real estate is tanking, and it's going to continue for at least another year. There is no place for Americans to put their money, unless they want to invest abroad. It's starting to look like a perfect storm. For people who believe in God, it shouldn't be a big surprise.

I don't care what the UN says. I don't care what atheists say. We need to help Israel. Does that make us accessories to Imperialism? Fine. I couldn't care less. Some people don't deserve autonomy, and a whole lot of them are concentrated in the Middle East. Maybe you remember a guy named Saddam Hussein. Can you seriously tell me that murdering savage deserved to be in charge of a country? Iraq would have been better off as a colony of Haiti.

I don't talk about it much, but I have come to realize that imperialism is a very good thing. Many nations are just too dangerous to be allowed to run their own affairs. Syria, North Korea, China, Iran, Russia...wouldn't you sleep better at night if these nations were controlled by civilized countries in the west? I sure would. We'd be doing their citizens a huge favor. Everyone knows that. But no one has the integrity to say it.

Maybe the US is on its way to second-world status. But you don't have to be part of it. For $350, you can move a Jew from a Diaspora nation to Israel. You can feed poor Jews in Israel. You can fight the anti-Jewish press. Conservatives like to say that we shouldn't count on the government to do good alms for us. That is true. We can give on our own. And we can also conduct foreign policy on our own. Why wait for George Bush to correct his mistakes when you can bypass him entirely? Go to the website of the International Federation of Christians and Jews and find out what you can do. Or find other organizations that do the same kind of work.

Here's another quote:

"And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it" (Zechariah 12:3).

But the Bible is just a myth, right? Isn't that what they told you in college? Maybe Zechariah was a lucky guesser.

Here's my advice. Help America and help yourself and your family. By helping Israel directly. And let's admit we support the concept of Eretz Israel. The hippies may desert us, but God will not.

And now I am OFF TO THE RANGE.

Keep up the good work Steve!


Hyunchback said...

It's been my observation that the borders of nations as they exist have to do with who won which wars. Why is the Rio Grand the border between Texas and Mexico? Because the US won the war against Mexico.

Why is the northern US border in Washington State placed where it is? Because the Brits didn't feel like getting into a war with us when we told them where our border was.

Why is Israel being forced to give up at the table what they won on the battlefield?

If the 'palestinians' really want to define borders why do they refuse to do it with honest, open warfare? They behave less bravely than the Crips or Bloods and the U.S. doesn't let those criminals define their own territory.

There are many, many countries where Muslims are not only not persecuted but actively run the nation. There is ONLY ONE such nation on all the Earth for Jews.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate we couldn't just send the hippies over to Iran/China/North Korea, where I am sure they would be much happier.
I know I would be much happier if they weren't here, that's for sure.

It is my opinion that as long as the U.S. openly and fully supports Israel, we will not falter. The day we no longer support Israel, we lose. Some of the recent events might be representative of that.

I do encourage you to fight for what is rightfully yours by blood heritage and what was promised you before any other religion was even thought of.

And if yall need any hippies for anything (target practice, bomb disarming,etc), just let us know. We will give you a discount if you buy in large quantities.


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