20 March 2008

Local Militia Gear

What gear do the local militia groups carry?

As I've mentioned before, the Israeli Government recognizes the needs of communities to defend themselves. The Police, and IDF can't be everywhere, so local militias were sanctioned.

The militia's, called First Response Teams are coordinated by the IDF.

The IDF issues M16A1 rifle, magazines and ammo, (and trains us in anti-terror and Hostage Rescue tactics).

All other gear must be purchased privately.

Here's my Kit:

Helmet, Knee and Elbow Pads, Glock 17, Glock 33 round magazines, Bayonet, Camp USA Folding Knife, Bandage, Tourniquet, Illumination Flare, Smoke Flare, Leatherman, Binoculars, Reflectiv ID Cap, Light Stick, Spare Foam Ear Plugs, and Ceramic Flack Vest.


5.56 - 180 rounds
9mm - 85 rounds

It's a bit weighty, but a few workouts every week help lighten the load.

I'll try to find some related video to upload here.

1 comment:

JAFO said...

Onya, sir.

Good to see good people able to defend *themselves*.

Wish our government would get their heads out of their asses and adopt a similar mindset.


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