17 March 2008

Some people think Americans are armed to the teeth

An Israeli blogger sent me this photo essay.

Apparently this is how they think all Americans live.


If this is how all Americans live then you must be doing something right!


Nilk said...

Hmmm. Armed to the teeth? I am so there!

Try living in Melbournistan where we have outlawed not only guns, but hatespeech.

Earl said...

Those pictures are interesting, but not typical of the shooters I know - oops, don't know any shooters, seems that we are kind of quiet now.

red said...

I wish my collection was that big!

Seems like the old "America is a land of violence and gun nuts!" line has been going around. Maybe people are just jealous? =]

Any big Purim party plans?

Hyunchback said...

We did do something right. We recognized man's right to self defense in our Constitution and we said that he should have access to the most up-to-date arm the military could use.

Some have failed to appreciate the meaning of that portion of our Constitution but that's the way it reads.

What we have done wrong is allow compromises. Compromises are like terrorists and other forms of cockroaches. If you let them get in you will have a lot of trouble getting rid of them.

Chris said...

well, we cant all afford to be that well stocked, but for example, im going to go shoot with a bunch of buddies tomorrow... heres the list of what just one of the about 10 or so people is bringing

.340 Wby mag
.257 Wby mag
Ruger No.1 in 45/70 with some 500 grain loads.
S&W .41 mag
2 Springfield XD's

BudnJul said...

These photos distress me, these people are in need. The houses appear small and they have very few guns for games like trap, skeet and clays. Can we raise some money to help them out?

Michel Du Languedoc said...

One can never have enough guns, ammo, fire wood or scotch.


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