31 March 2008

PA corruption exposed, again

Senior officials in the PA (Palestinian Authority) health system systematically stole valuable medications and replaced them with worthless placebo pills.

The placebos, which lab tests show had no medical value, were passed along to clinics and hospitals, where they were given to patients suffering from serious and often life-threatening diseases.

The real medications were taken to massive warehouses in Ramallah and Shechem, and were sold for high prices on the black market.

More here.

This is who United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is pressuring us to make peace with? And give them more weapons?

They can't even keep track of medicine and we're supposed to give them Russian APC's.

More on the weapons transfers:
* Top Hamas official: We'll seize West Bank if Israel withdraws
* Israel clears 25 armoured vehicles for West Bank city
* Israeli intelligence: Abbas is too weak
* Overriding IDF and Shin Bet objections, Olmert approves arming Palestinian West Bank forces with 50 Russian APCs, 1000 rifles and 2 million bullets
* Russian APC: BTR 80

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Yaakov Kirschen said...

we live in wacko times.
we are being lead by bad people
we are being informed by bad journalists

but we now have blogs like yours to inform, lead, and fight back
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